Soap and Glory Skin Savers!

Hi guys! It’s been a busy few weeks and my skin has definitely suffered for it, what could be worse than dry skin?!

So Ive chosen to write about 2 soap and glory products I’m obsessed with.

The first is the Bright & Pearly Vitamin C Radiance Boosting Cocktail. As you can see from the picture I’ve already used this a lot and I’ve only had it about a month. When I first bought it I was using it as a primer for my makeup and was using more than I really needed because one pump is easily enough to cover your face and I was using three 🙈.

It’s also really great to use as a morning moisturiser and honestly it just smells great, it’s so fruity (citrus scents of course because it’s vitamin c) and I love it.

For £14 pounds though I do wish the bottle was slightly bigger.

The other thing I’ve been using is the Melty Talented dry skin balm. It’s claims to be perfect for elbows, skin, nails, lips and hair tips…. and it really is. I’ve not personally used it on my hair tips yet but it works everywhere else so I have no doubts.

It’s kinda like a solid oil, so as you apply it it melts and I really love how it soaks into you. It has that classic soap and glory smell to it and doesn’t make your skin feel or look oily.

It’s great for rubbing into dry patches while you’re out and about and for £5 it’s a bargain. My favourite way to use it is as a lip balm but to be honest it doesn’t taste great (literally it’s only downfall).

I managed to grab the last one on the shelf when I got mine and even the cashier ask me where about a in the store it was cause she’s wanted to buy it.

Like all things soap and glory they’re both available in boots

Kate x


2 thoughts on “Soap and Glory Skin Savers!

    1. It’s really great! I can’t bear leaving the house without something on my face in this weather, it really helps to stop it from drying out, and honestly it just smells so gorgeous. It’s shiny too so helps to give a nice glow ☺️
      Glad you like the blog 💖 xoxo


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