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Maybelline’s Lip Contour Palette πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„

Now usually lip palettes aren’t my kind of thing but I thought I’d give this a go. I’d seen images of the Maybelline lip contour palette in and sadly fell victim to it’s powerful advertising. It’s looks amazing, but I was slightly sceptical and decided to buy it mainly so that I could write about for anyone else who was curious.

So the palette consists of a primer, three matte liner shades, three matte lip shades, a highlighter and a double ended brush. I bought the Crimson Vixen option but there is a pink/nude option. There are instructions and a little diagram on the back and basically you use the primer, line your lips, fill in with the corresponding colour and then dab some highlighter in the middle. 

Now the pictures I took weren’t great by any means but it doesn’t really matter because I wasn’t really all that impressed with it. The colours weren’t as pigmented as I was expecting so it took some time to create the ombrΓ©, and I had to reline my lips after to filling in with the lighter shade because they blended to easily/matched too closely.

Out of the three colours my favourite was the purple. The two red shades looked very similar on, one was just slightly more of an orange shade and the other more of a blue red. The purple really stood out and was a really lovely colour. I also really liked the way the primer made my lips feel and thought the highlighter was pretty good. 

Overall though… this product just really isn’t me. It isn’t quick and it isn’t practical, can you imagine having to try and redo this on a night out? Or even having to bring it out with you? I’d rather stick with a good old tube of lipstick. 

It was Β£9.99 from Boots which is a very reasonable price but it’s not something I’ll be using much.


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