November’s Birchbox!

So I never got chance to show you guys my November birchbox…. at first I was a little disappointed with it but once I started using the products that quickly changed. 
I have quite think hair that likes to get all knotty and nothing ever seems to help, so I was really surprised when both the Wet Brush Midi and Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle actually worked wonders for my hair! They’ve become my new favourite hair products and I use the all the time. The detangling spray however is expensive to buy so I’m saving up my birch box points (it’s missing from my photo cause I’ve used it all up🙈)

I also really loved the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar primer and found that it’s great for putting on before a liquid to dry lipstick, but I’ve also been using it just on its own as it’s rich in vitamin E so help to keep lips soft.
The cream and BB cream have also been nice but they won’t be replacing my usual products anytime soon! 
If any of you guys sign up to birchbox let me know what you think!


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