Lush Face Mask

The CATASTROPHE COSMETIC fresh face mask was also part of my birthday present from a friend. Whenever I use a face mask I apply them about 5/10 minutes before either getting a bath or shower so that I can take them off easily without covering myself in water whilst standing over the sink. 
The face mask smells like blue berries and felt really light and fresh on my face and because they’re designed to be kept refrigerated it was cool, thick and sat on my face without running everywhere. 

I put on a fairly even layer that wasn’t too thick and feel like I could easily get ¾ uses out of the face mask, I popped it on, got in the bath and then left it on for another 5 minutes before washing it off. 
It made my face feel really soft and clean and left that nice elasticated feeling that all the good face masks do. One of it’s properties is to cleanse skin which it definitely does, for around 2 days after I used it, my face remained soft and feeling pure. It was definitely a nice treat to relax with.
Available from Lush for £6.95


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