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Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

So first of all I’d just like to say sorry for taking so long to write a proper piece! I’m finally gonna tell you all about my Kylie lip kits and have decided to write a separate post for the metal mattes later.
So if you’ve not tried these yet or are considering buying them a big question can be whether or not they’re worth all the fuss and in my personal opinion they are! At £23.23 I feel that they are well worth the price. They’re long lasting, really pigmented and to be honest I love the convenience of having a lip liner that 100% matches. They smell really sweet which is nice (I think it’s vanilla) and whilst the lip liners do transfer a little I can honestly say that once dry the lipstick doesn’t. I also really love the packaging because its cute and simple and the product as a whole feels high quality and luxurious.Like all matte lipsticks it does dry your lips out a little but I have to say that Kylie’s lip kits don’t seem to appear flaky like most others, however I would still advise a good lip scrub or lip balm a good 10 mins before just to make sure your lips don’t dry out too much! (especially wit it being winter). 

The only down side to Kylie Cosmetics is the postage, luckily I ordered them whilst international postage was free when you spent $60 but once they’ve arrived in the UK and they are ready to be delivered to your house you receive a notice that there is a customs fee to pay. I’ve ordered twice from Kylie Cosmetics and the customs fee is worked out based on the weight of your box so ive had to pay £14.25 for one and £25.55 for the other which I feel is really expensive and you don’t know what the customs charge will be till it arrives so it’s best to leave extra pennies in the bank just in case. My hope is that Kylie will eventually open a UK factory which would solve this issue. If anyone has any different experience with postage please let me know or feel free to send any questions my way!

Side note: you may notice in the photos I have four lipsticks and 3 liners, sadly I lost my Candy K liner whilst out 😦


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