Garnier Moisture Bomb

So last week I tried the Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask! It’s the first time I’ve used a mask like this and I really enjoyed it.
I struggle to get it on to start with and think that next time I use one of these it will definitely be with friends because I can imagine it being quite a laugh 🙈
You apply the tissue mask with the blue side facing out and then once it’s in place you remove the blue part.

The mask works pretty well, it definitely made my skin feel nice and soft and I would use one again. However I don’t know if it’s really lasted, this might just be because I moisturise a lot and already have soft skin so maybe I’m not the best judge for it but it is a fun experience and I’d recommend them for any sleepover or girly day because they are fun to use.

It stays pretty secure on your face so you can walk around whilst it’s on without worrying it’s going to fall off.

I got mine from Superdrug and they’re on offer at the minute for 99p instead of £1.49, they’re worth the money!


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