February’s Birchbox!

February’s Birchbox! 
I did really like this months box I just haven’t had time to write due to work. This month I received a Pop beauty eyeshadow trio, Spectrum eyeshadow brush, Wish shave cream, Keeome hydration mask and Beaver daily moisture conditioning spray. 

The eye shadow trio is quite cute and i was fairly impressed with the pigment of them. The three shades are just the kinda shades I look for to wear everyday so it’s definitely something I will use. I was also super excited to receive my Spectrum collections brush! I have wanted to buy one of their sets for a long time but just haven’t brought myself to pay it yet, plus they’re always selling out 🙈 but you wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen them, they’re BEAUTIFUL! 
The brush is so soft and light wait that I’m definitely going to have to buy a set in the near future, because you can never have too many brushes right? 

The wish shaving cream has been quite nice I just wish the sample was a bit bigger. It has a light fruity smell and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft. 

One of the reasons this post is so late is because I just haven’t had much time to try the Keeome hydration mask but yesterday I finally got the chance and I actually really liked it. The serum used feels really silky so the tissue mask just sits nicely in your face for 25 minutes and then your skin feels amazing. It’s designed to combat the ‘extra stresses in daily life’ which is definitely something I need! I’m always s stressed and my skin does pay for it sometimes so this was a nice way to just relax and make my skin feel great. 

I would have to say that the Beaver conditioning spray is the product I’ve used least from this box. After spraying it on my face a few times I saw that Birchbox had posted on Instagram about about how strong it makes your hair! I felt a bit silly🙈 quite often I rush into the box without looking at what the products are properly. I have used it a couple of times on my hair and I do think it’s makes my hair feel really nice, however it doesn’t help with untangling my hair (not many products do though) and so I won’t use it much because I’d just have to use other products as well and I don’t want to be overloading my hair. 

I’m super excited for next months box which comes with the Benefit they’re real double lipstick and liner!


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