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Revolution’s fast base foundation!

So on behalf of everyone that wears makeup ever, big thank you to revolution for fast base aka one of best foundations ever. Like seriously how is it possible for them to have created something so amazing and only be charging us £5 for it. I feel like we’re robbing them which is completely opposite… Continue reading Revolution’s fast base foundation!

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NYX Cosmic Metals & Lid Lingerie Palettes 

So since autumn is here I thought I’d write a post about two cute little palettes that are full of great colours for the season! The NYX Cosmic Metals and Lid Lingerie palettes! I’d seen these on the NYX Instagram page but they weren’t available in the UK straight away and waiting for them killed me. … Continue reading NYX Cosmic Metals & Lid Lingerie Palettes 

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Maybelline’s Lip Contour Palette 👄👄👄

Now usually lip palettes aren’t my kind of thing but I thought I’d give this a go. I’d seen images of the Maybelline lip contour palette in and sadly fell victim to it’s powerful advertising. It’s looks amazing, but I was slightly sceptical and decided to buy it mainly so that I could write about… Continue reading Maybelline’s Lip Contour Palette 👄👄👄